How to make money with your blog begginers guide?

Wednesday, April 29

Generating a good income through your blog is a tough job but not difficult, read this post before making up your mind. As you know there are Billions of internet users in the world there search is high. There are so many blogs or websites on the internet. You might be a small fish, and what happens to small fishes big fishes eat them. Now lets start first of all choose your area of interest, where you think you are most good at it like anything Sports, Games, Science or Business. Select that field and gather information and also use your mind for unique things. Its very easy to search on Google and put anyone's article or stuff on your blog. Make your blog simple and attractive by adding images and videos relating to your topic. If you are using Word press you can not add Ad sense they don't allow. I prefer Blogger or choose your own domain and host that is much better then going free. Get a ad sense publisher account and set up at most viewable areas of your blog, Mostly after posts or at headers. Now you need to work on your blog, If you have created a science blog then look for updates whats going in the world or in America what scientists are developing. Update your blog with new posts, it will be interesting for people who visit your blog. If your blog is found to be attractive people will regularly check your blog for updates. Now most important thing is how to promote your blog? As a starter you need to join the social networking websites like twitter face book orkut and different forums. There first of all don't SPAM!!!!. just join the discussions and discuss, share your ideas and leave your blog signatures. Don't frequently add your link without need like my blog I just go to forum and say visit my blog for earning. Google will count it as spam and also people will think you are just here to promote your blog. When you have done this 2nd thing is to do Search engine optimization of your blog. Submit your blog to free directories to gain higher rank. Most important nothing is possible in few days so you have to be patient. Good luck!

How to promote?

There is lot of questions regarding how to promote your referral link. This post will surely help and guide you how to be on top. First of all sign up with the above site best is NEOBUX PALMBUX BUXMATRIX and SMITHBUX AND MAIN BUX. secondly open up a Alert Pay account for free. Now you have referral link, Set up a website or blog. I recommend blog because it is free to create on blogging sites like blogger or word press. Choose Blogger and make a Blog. Most of you thinking we don't know how to operate and manage it. To be frank I never tried blogging or website stuff before. It is very simple and easy to modify no knowledge requires. After creating a blog give brief description of your blog and put some good looking pictures which you can add easily in blogger dashboard. Now put your referral links in post and promote your blog in chat rooms and in forums, social networking websites. It will make you lot of visitors and join the PTC sites under your referral.

How to earn more through PTC?

Sunday, April 26

To have an unlimited income potential on any Paid-to-Click (PTC) program you need to participate on many PTC programs and most importantly to increase your direct referrals for they are your foundation towards earning huge long term income.

As a beginning Paid-to-Click member your big challenge is how to gather a lot of referrals in order to generate huge income from a PTC program. One of the easiest ways to get a lot of referrals is to buy them from the PTC program itself but not all members has the luxury to do this especially on those members who are just starting. Don’t worry getting a lot of direct referrals is easy.

1). Be patient mostly people get into PTC websites but due to slow process of getting money they left, but if you focus on how can you increase income? Make referrals invite other people.

2). Finding referrals is another hard work for starters but don't loose hope you can invite your friends, brother, sister, once they are in it they will also like to click.

3). If you step ahead more you can advertise your referral link on social website like Face Book Orkut and many more. Its a very good idea to grab people under you.

4). Try to join forum discussions and there in signature add your referral link, atleast daily people will click.

5). Try to click the Ads daily basis because so you can earn from your referrals.

6). Again Don't loose hope, Because More Risk more income.. After all nothing is easy have to work Hard...

Calculation of earnings

Monday, April 6


9+ ads a day
374,000+ Memebers
$2 First Minimum Payout

Standard Members get
$0.01 - 015 Per Advert view
$0.005 - 0.1 Per Referral view

Premium Members get
$0.01 - 0.2 Per Advert view
$0.01 - 0.2 Per Referral view

Earnings Example
» You click 10 ads per day = $0.10
» 20 referrals click 10 ads per day = $2.00
» Your daily earnings = $2.10
» Your weekly earnings = $14.70
» Your monthly earnings = $63.00

Earnings Example
» You click 10 ads per day = $0.10
» 20 referrals click 10 ads per day = $2.00
» Your daily earnings = $2.10
» Your weekly earnings = $14.70
» Your monthly earnings = $63.00

Ara Bux
Join now and receive a $0.50 Sign-up Bonus!

Standard members get paid $0.01 for each website viewed and $0.0075 for each website viewed by referrals.

Premium members get paid $0.0125 for each website viewed and $0.01 for each website viewed by referrals.

Prosper Bux

$ 0.01 Premium Click
$ 0.01 Premium Ref. Click

$ 0.01 Standard Click
$ 0.005 Standard Ref. Click

- Buy referrals by $ 0.47 each
- $ 3 Instant Cashout


You click 10 ads per day = $0.15
20 referrals click 10 ads per
day = $2.00
Your daily earnings = $2.15
Your weekly earnings = $15.05
Your monthly earnings = $64.50

Palm Bux

Earn up to $0.01 (1 cents) per click.
Earn up to $0.01 (1 cents) for every ad your referrals click.
Payout 2$

Bux Matrix

You click 10 ads per day = $0.07
20 referrals click 10 ads per day = $0.8
Your daily earnings = $0.87
Your weekly earnings = $6.090
Your monthly earnings = $26.10
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