How to make money with your blog begginers guide?

Wednesday, April 29

Generating a good income through your blog is a tough job but not difficult, read this post before making up your mind. As you know there are Billions of internet users in the world there search is high. There are so many blogs or websites on the internet. You might be a small fish, and what happens to small fishes big fishes eat them. Now lets start first of all choose your area of interest, where you think you are most good at it like anything Sports, Games, Science or Business. Select that field and gather information and also use your mind for unique things. Its very easy to search on Google and put anyone's article or stuff on your blog. Make your blog simple and attractive by adding images and videos relating to your topic. If you are using Word press you can not add Ad sense they don't allow. I prefer Blogger or choose your own domain and host that is much better then going free. Get a ad sense publisher account and set up at most viewable areas of your blog, Mostly after posts or at headers. Now you need to work on your blog, If you have created a science blog then look for updates whats going in the world or in America what scientists are developing. Update your blog with new posts, it will be interesting for people who visit your blog. If your blog is found to be attractive people will regularly check your blog for updates. Now most important thing is how to promote your blog? As a starter you need to join the social networking websites like twitter face book orkut and different forums. There first of all don't SPAM!!!!. just join the discussions and discuss, share your ideas and leave your blog signatures. Don't frequently add your link without need like my blog I just go to forum and say visit my blog for earning. Google will count it as spam and also people will think you are just here to promote your blog. When you have done this 2nd thing is to do Search engine optimization of your blog. Submit your blog to free directories to gain higher rank. Most important nothing is possible in few days so you have to be patient. Good luck!
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