How to make money blogging

Sunday, May 31

There are two ways of making money blogging, one more profitable than the other. First of all, small business owners find a great advantage in the use of blogs that provide rich informational content and the opportunity for great marketing promotions. But let's take a look at how you can turn blogging into a profitable activity. There are two possibilities: you either get paid for allowing other business owners to advertise on your site or you can include the blog in one of the many affiliate programs that enjoy such a popularity on the Internet nowadays.

In case you choose to exploit the advertising potential of your blog, the best program to work with is Google Adsense; you'll get paid every time an ad on your site gets clicked, regardless of whether this action converts into profit or not. The logical question that may rise here is: how can you get more clicks for the ads on the blog? Don't think about clicking your own ads to make some more money; fraud clicks are a very hot subject in the business, and Google teams are very efficient at identifying them. Such dishonest practice could cost you dearly if you dare to use it.

You can increase the profitability of the ads on your blog by taking advertising into consideration when you design the site. For instance, the fonts and colors used for the ads should be only slightly different from the rest of the page, without standing out. Why? Because the more visible you make them, the more likely it is that they'll annoy the user, and the entire purpose of your blog is to get people to spend quality time on the page. Adsense is a program that displays only those ads that are related to the domain the blog tackles with, so that you cannot complain about too large a number of irrelevant visitors.

Last, but not least, you can use the blog as part of an affiliate program, which involves promoting the products or services of a specific business. For instance if you've got a blog dealing with diving, you can very well turn into an affiliate for a company that sells diving equipment. The amount of money you are supposed to get is usually part of the individual agreement you sign with the other party, and it usually depends on how well you manage to use the blog to actually convince people to purchase one of the products. Friendly links, special discounts, promotions and e-news letters are all part of an affiliate campaign that could turn a simple blog into a great revenue generator.

How do I start blogging?

Presently, we can definitely say that online communications are probably the most successful and effective ones worldwide; they save money, time, while also allowing transactions, commercial advertising and even business administration. Blogging is part of this general trend of putting everything on the web, regardless of whether we are talking about business, hobbies or personal stuff. There are some basic guidelines that lie at the foundation of any blogs; therefore, we could say that you need the ABC of blogging before actually starting to enjoy it. The most important thing for the creation of the blog is the purpose: why do you create it for?

There are some people who choose to create a blog on their own, whereas others prefer to hire some pro to set things on the right track. First of all, before starting the actual blogging project, you'll need to create a detailed plan in which to include: objectives, investment with the analysis of cost and profit, targeted audience, blog updates and administration and monitoring tools. Blogging is a very accessible thing to do for both business and personal reasons, nevertheless, its real value is obvious when it attracts relevant traffic.

There are all sorts of issues you need to take into consideration; search for special software that helps you track the best keywords you should include in the articles posted on the blog! This means of attracting traffic by identifying the keywords that are the highest in demand goes hand in hand with special devices that help one evaluate the keyword performance over a specific period of time. Thus, all Internet users interested in blogging, particularly business owners who use blogs for promotion campaigns, need to learn as many SEO secrets as they can, since they have to optimize not just the blog content as such but the ads that appear on it as well.

Another important issue when starting a blog is the content; keep in mind that the best sites of this kind are the ones with highly interesting information. Search engines love great content and visitors linger more on your blog as well if the articles, the videos or the pictures are catchy. For those bloggers who are also running their business online, a good word of advice here is the combination of informational articles and e-news letters. The users that subscribe to periodical informative bulletins should be offered all sorts of promotions and special contests to keep the interest vivid. More such tricks can be learned if you take the time to learn something on Internet marketing, it could mean a great deal for any new blogger.

Getting quality content for your blog

Saturday, May 30

All Internet marketing guides stress the importance of using only quality content for the blog pages, yet, the question remains: how can one decide which is good content and which not? I simply suggest that we start from the very nature of the blog: a highly informational and personal site which tackles with subjects in a specific domain. Hence, when designing the blog, don't make it too complex, stick to the simple structures that allow users to perform actions easily on the page. The frame should also be very simple and the eventual ads and links need to naturally blend in the content of the blog as such. Web design provides the great advantage of using similar fonts and formats, so that only some elements on the page should stand out.

Furthermore, you may have learned by now that you need to create the site content around some high-in-demand keywords that users type in the search box of the engine. The more the keywords, the higher the chances to have your blog appear in the first result pages. However, many bloggers understand keyword density the wrong way. The blog content should naturally include the keywords in an easy-to-read kind of way; a keyword density that goes higher than 2 or 3% could make the articles less appealing to the reader.

There are some tips you may consider when creating quality content for a blog. First of all, regardless of the domain and the target audience, it should be reader-friendly and even reader-oriented if it be the case. This means that even when you deal with a scientific topic, you can still keep the reader's attention vivid since not everybody who visits your blog has a professional cultural background. Write everything in short or medium-sized paragraphs so that the information naturally flows without being hard to track in case of an interruption.

Statistics show that blogs that include links in the very article content are more successful than those who present links at the bottom of the page for instance. Inserted links allow the reader to get a puzzle-explanation of a concept or provide the opportunity to show interest for specific products or services. Furthermore, the blogs that make a happy combination of written content, pictures and videos are considered a lot more appealing to the average Internet user, and thus receive a lot more traffic. The key to being successful within the blogging system is definitely the continuous adaptation to the requests of the market.

Getting a blogging job

The blogging phenomenon has reached such dimensions that presently it has gained prominence on a market where competition is anything but mild. This is how it came that business owners actually hire people to optimize blogs and keep a close watch over what happens on the web; companies that use blogs to make the relationship with clients and employees more informal and efficient are usually the ones in need of finding people for blogging jobs. After all, it takes quite some time to update fresh materials, answer comments and post opinions. Nevertheless, it is not uncommon to turn blogging into some form of home business.

If you could make enough money to live decently, I'm sure you'd like to stay home in front of the computer instead of commuting every day to the other side of the city. However, don't make the mistake of thinking that income keeps coming without any effort on the blgger's part; on the contrary, to make a blog profitable, you need perseverance, knowledge in the field, adequate software and a lot of time. Let's take the simple case of search engine optimization – what we shortly call SEO. Finding the right keywords to incorporate in the blog content is probably the first corner stone in the business.

What are the qualities of someone who blogs for a living? First of all, you need full knowledge of how search engines operate in combination with an advertising program: Adsense or Adwords, preferably. Then, you should be able to make a serious selection of the keywords and understand the way you have to bid for them: the keywords highest in demand are also the most expensive ones. You have to be able to identify those keywords that become inactive or that have a very low return on investment rate, and thus be able to get them back in use or replace them with new functional ones.

Working as a blogger also implies Internet marketing and e-commerce solid knowledge. It is true that the general rules of traditional marketing apply here as well, but we cannot ignore the fact that the web is a different market with specific rules and laws of action. There are all sorts of marketing tools you may find available on various sites, and you should not ignore their importance, particularly since products and services promoted via blogs depend on advanced advertising techniques.

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Business blogging

Wednesday, May 27

Many large and small businesses alike have recently discovered the great advantages of blogging in maintaining good communication relationships with both employees and customers. It is obvious that for some people, blogs have become a means of sharing information and expertise at very advanced levels and this can only mean increased profit for the company. It is a common knowledge by now that small businesses profit the most from blogging. Why? Because a highly specific web page such as a blog, successfully substitutes an extensive online presence. Instead of a static page, you offer a very dynamic blog where feed-back is encouraged and various issues get tackled with.

Many Internet experts consider blogs a very informal, yet popular way of developing business contacts, since, the informational content receives a different approach than in the case of classic promotion sites. Business owners can definitely enjoy great recommendations from users, but there are also dissatisfied customers who could review the products or services unfavorably. You'll have to be prepared to handle such situations with the utmost diplomacy in order to avoid a worsening of the situation. On the other hand, a business blog provides the opportunity to run market research and avoid hiring employees that don't fit requirements.

Business blogs also function as the right tool to spread news to all the employees at once; this kind of blog application is usually preferred by larger companies who can reach the staff in a more comfortable way and on a daily basis. Statistics claim that blogging significantly contributes to team building and communication between the departments of the same company; hence, there has been an increased preference for blogging over newsletters. Nevertheless, we also have to mention the more difficult aspects of business blogging as well.

For instance, maintaining an updated blog requires quite a lot of time and work, it may even be necessary to have someone perform all the operations on a regular basis. Then, the e-commerce possibilities are fewer when it comes to using a blog over a regular site; you may find it very advantageous to start blogging when you just initiate your business online, but then, you may choose to use it in parallel with a regular promotion site, once things get to look brighter. If at the beginning you take advantage of the minimal costs required by a business blog, later you need to monitor efficiency first and foremost.

Blogging – ten sites you need to know

Now that you are part of the blogging phenomenon that has spread all around the world, or you simply aspire to learn something about the online community, there is plenty of assistance you can find online to help you optimize your own blog the best way you want.

For instance, a host giant like provides a great chance to start a blog on your own; it is a good opportunity for anyone interested in joining a world-wide community that shares pictures, videos, thoughts and points of view. Furthermore, you'll also get precious information from many domains.

Another such great host site is where you may register your blog under a variety of categories depending on the theme and topic. There is a wide selection of users and definitely good quality traffic if you make the blog worth visiting.

For those who want to make some money with their blogs, by advertising, I strongly recommend, a Google-joint program that enables bloggers to make a really good income. How come? On this site you closely follow all the necessary steps to choose the ads (both images and text) that best match your blog content.

It is the same business direction that triggers lots of queries in terms of Internet marketing: you may learn more about the bright or the dark sides of the web by having a look at

Blogging takes time and effort, and you can definitely avoid some mistakes other pros warn against by permanently inquiring on new stratagems to use with Adsense; after all you have to make as much money as you can. Hence, is a site that should teach you something.

You should also need to subscribe to one of the many sites that provide blog lists so that you may be more easily found by interested users. is a good choice to promote your blog and create traffic.

In the same listing categories we have to mention the giant that is one comprehensive directory where you'll definitely want to have your blog subscribed. The same stays true for that functions according to the same working principles.

We should also point out to a “blog on blogs” that is definitely worth visiting given the large amount of information on the topic: For someone who is just learning the rules of the game, there is much to find out here!

Last but not least, there are all sorts of professional sites that can help you with the tools you actually need for blogging. Here I refer to and other similar pages that may guide and assist you in the attempt to find the software that best matches your blog. Good luck!

Blogging - making it pay

Saturday, May 23

Maybe the starting point of a profitable blog is a great topic, but there is definitely more to the business than that. There are two options a blogger has when trying to make the page generate revenue from advertising: either to stay on top of other blogs or provide good-quality material that ensures a high readership. Though the former option may look like the true Internet promise, things are slightly different when you have to achieve a high ad click rate. Let's see the dos and don'ts of blogging when it comes to making money from advertising.

First of all, you need to consider the number of readers you target with the blog articles, and set an average or modest click rate in case the domain you're dealing with is not a very common one. You may get valuable clicks, but they may not be enough to generate the income you need; therefore, always try to maintain a balance between the advertising rate you set for the blog and the amount of traffic you manage to draw by well-researched, informational content. The best Google program to use here is definitely Adsense, but keep in mind that the ads are relevant for the site material and vice versa, hence, focus on quality not quantity.

One of the smartest ways to attract traffic and therefore increase the chances to get more ad clicks is by the use of continuation links. All you have to do is post a link with an excerpt from the blog article and post it on the main page. The whole point is to make it catchy: the reader sees it, interest rises and he or she clicks on the link to get to the body of the story. If you only post the title of an article within the link, you risk that the visitor leave the page without actually minding the post.

Don't make the mistake of linking your blog only to top pages in the business. Yes, there are sites that are considered reference points in the field, and you actually risk of orienting the reader's attention towards a competitor. Links are great tools, but they are not everything for a blog: first comes nice, unique information, and only then should you focus on directing the reader to other similar pages. The best links to use are those that take the visitor to a detailed explanation of the information on your blog, while also allowing the return to the initial page. Good luck!

Blogging – What's it all about?

Blogging is one of the most popular Internet-related phenomenon that has incited the curiosity of millions of people all over the world; it represents a great opportunity for those who create blogs and for those who use them. Very often qualified as the trend of keeping personal diaries online, blogging is far more complex owing to the fact that every web log carries the touch of the owner's imagination, interest and wit. The range of topics blogs deal with is incredibly wide: from politics and economics to sky diving and snorkeling. The next very important aspect after blog content is actually the interactive format of the pages that allows users to take action on the site.

Part of the history of blogging includes the very first attempts to run an account of one's personal life, and many of the blog owners liked to call themselves journalists or diarists. In the early days of blogging around the mid-90s, people enjoyed the experience of belonging to the online community that went beyond all sorts of boundaries. This was the time when the very first combination of text, pictures and videos were included in a blog, as the most accurate way of reflecting one's life. Sometimes, bloggers transmitted live images with the help of various portable devices, creating the so-called semi-automated blogging.

At the beginning, blogs were not individual pages, as they mainly functioned as components of larger websites; nevertheless, with the rapid development of technologies, it came into everyone's power to create and support a personal independent web log. The only condition to enjoy a successful blogging experience is to stick to high quality content that makes any visitor return to the site and even take action on it. Creativity and innovation are probably the best ways to define the blogging experience since we can identify a true craze to be seen online.

Presently, you can find guides to creating successful blogs, since, many small business owners perceive the phenomenon as a great chance to promote products and services online. Blogs are presently part of the Internet marketing strategies anyone should use as included within online advertising campaigns; the great advantage of blogging is that it mainly targets potential customers, reducing the number of uninterested users. We could say that thanks to advertising and Internet marketing, blogging has actually become a very promising type of business.

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Blogging 101

Saturday, May 16

Once the secret of blogging was out, the interest in special tips and tricks to make it profitable soon knew a remarkable upsurge. The 101 revealed secrets for highly profitable blogs has actually become a common notion online, since the competition is tight, and achieving good blog traffic becomes crucial for the survival online. If you make a top ten list of the best ways to improve traffic and you simply post it on your blog, you could soon realize there are plenty of people who take it as a rule of the thumb and pass it on like a hot potato.

One such blogging 101 trick is to get links or profiles on very popular websites that have already got a great name in the business. How can you convince them to accept your request? Well, sometimes it pretty much depends on good fortune, but usually, you'll have to email them an intention letter with a detail description of your blog. It would probably be a good idea if you looked for some online marketing tips before presenting the hot features of your web page. Don't worry if you don't get results from the first attempts, try with others, since once you get a link on their site, your blog will profit immensely.

We cannot avoid mentioning the fact that there are all sorts of “hidden” tricks that are nevertheless used to attract traffic and increase rankings. For instance, blog popularity often comes when links to your pages are added multiple times on other sites, not to mention that the creation of a large number of accounts also leads to a higher ranking thanks to the bonus points that are usually offered in return. Some bloggers have used innovative, yet doubtful, methods, such as Google, Yahoo or Microsoft site purchase to increase their traffic and the list of examples could easily go on.

In order to spread the word about your blog, you can always turn to RSS; this is probably one of the best ways to make a special intro for a new blog on the web. Most blog services are also RSS feed generators, in case you lack this tool, you can always turn to FeedForAll software to create the feeds. A site such as will definitely be a good starting point for a novice of the blogging adventure, since, presently the RSS is the best means of making your blog popular.

Blog Traffic - Web 2.0 traffic tactics

The blogging phenomenon perfectly integrates in the second generation of web services know as Web 2.0 since this is the most convenient platform for all Internet moves. What is there for bloggers with Web 2.0? First of all, the whole aim of the new web-technology is to facilitate collaboration and sharing between users, on the one hand, and increase the usage rate on the other hand. The next legitimate question that rises here touches on the best ways to attract traffic in the conditions of the transition to blogs that are sources of highly functional content.

First and foremost, we need to say here that with blogs web information is no longer centralized in terms of authority, not to mention that the freedom to use and re-use material is limitless. From a certain point of view blogs become a real market, in which content is the transaction environment. Hence, Web 2.0 traffic tactics mainly gravitate around the optimization of blog articles for advanced search on the search engines. Though it may be very tempting, don't aim too high from the very beginning, it is almost impossible to get large numbers of visitors form the first blogging days.

The key to getting good traffic is perseverance and service quality. Content has to be re-freshed every week if not more often; in order to make that an easier task, it is enough to change some of the content, even if you don't replace it all. With the large number of applications available with Web 2.0, you should place a Google search box directly on the site, so that any user may find it comfortable to perform any further search directly from your blog page. What's there for you? You make the user spend more time on the site and, consequently, you increase the chances of his or her returning to the blog in the future.

People are now more interested in blogs that have RSS feeds; well, you'll have to let Internet users know that as soon as you can! Initially, graphics were the best means to indicate the presence of an RSS feed; the great advantage now is that you can adjust the very colors used for this attention sign to the theme or topic specific to the blog itself. The system is created in such an easy to use way that all you have to do is insert the text and the color scheme and then a graphic pattern is generated immediately.

Getting traffic for your Blog

Saturday, May 9

The most important part in blogging is visitors to you blog website, However this is not a tough part to do. As this blog is related with PTC sites, so I would be guiding about your blog regarding traffic so that you can make more referrals through your link. First of all as you have created a blog now give some time to your blog and PTC ads ( this can be helpful for every blogger). If you have some $$$ in your account PAY PAL or another then try spending them a bit to get listed on these PTC sites so that you get a massive exposure on your blog it will boost your blog traffic and many people will atleast give your blog 30secs here are some best advertisers link that provide cheap advertising on PTC.



Now the other part like me you can not afford the cost of paid advertising, try to do SEO of your blog so that you get back links also join auto surfer website which will gain you massive traffic daily and for free. I am also using few of the program and the one most I like is Traffic G, you can join it for free. Try to optimize your blog means update your blog as much as you can with latest posts. Earning on PTC site are very slow most of us think about earn money online and making dollars for free, yes PTC sites are these sites. When you get into blogging and PTC business remain active on internet as much as you can. Participate in forums and communities and share your blog links and posts. This will help you in getting traffic. :)

What is blogging?

Friday, May 8

The Internet plays a huge role in the lives of people on the entire planet; it is the fastest means to communicate with friends on the other side of the world and the richest source of information when you have to research for something. The latest trend and probably the most successful way of expressing oneself via the Internet is the blog. What does blogging actually mean? The whole concept revolves around the personal need to express feelings or thoughts, share opinions, spread news or simply have fun. A blog is actually a small individual web page more like a diary that you keep online; it receives regular updates and allows the use of links, photos, videos and extended documents.

Many people were attracted by the “blogging” phenomenon thanks to the great opportunity of making themselves heard by a specific targeted audience. Blogs are not complex web pages, it entirely depends on what the creator wants to share with the world. When you've got great pieces of news, funny links or a hobby to talk about, a blog may be just the right way to open up to an international “community”. Most often, blogs attract more attention than large and well-designed web pages? How is it possible for blogging to have reached such a status?

First of all, blogs generally tackle with one issue of interest for the user; there is fresh and rich informational content, and extended friendly links to other sites or blogs in the domain. It has become common knowledge by now that blogs often receive more traffic than other web pages. Why? The answer lies within the very essence of a search engine structure: what a search engine likes most is fresh and high quality content. This is the main preeminence blogs and the blogging phenomenon has managed to achieve ahead of normal web pages.

If blogging started as the perfect diary online, it has now come to acquire different dimensions, of which the commercial one is the most well-developed. I'll give you an illustrative example here: let's say you like gardening, and you've also started your own home business of growing plants. A blog on flowers, plants and their peculiarities would meet the requirements of other people who share your hobby, but it would also function as a great promotion tool for the development of your business. Therefore, web marketing and the need to communicate happily meet within the very concept of “blogging”.

Be a master of PTC sites

Friday, May 1

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Monetize your blog with AD Sense

When you start blogging the main thing for you is to make money but some people don't use blog for money making, they provide valuable information. If they have personal blog then they just post there information. Making money through your blog is not a bad idea. When Blogger provides the system of money making then we should avail it. You can monetize your blog with Google ad sense which is the option in the blog. Google will show ads relating to your blog and it is very handy. Visitors on your blog need information on topics the blog is about, and the google ads will show the relevant ads to your blog. Whenever someone clicks on them you are credited for the click. So don't hesitate on putting your google ads in your blog.

Placement of Ads

Where to put your ads? mostly the most viewable area and where they clearly visible are best places like headers, footers, right and left, although you can put ads after the posts. Placement of ads are the major thing, mostly people only view attractive big ads with images. So try to put them on most viewable part of your blog. Happy Earning!
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