Be a master of PTC sites

Friday, May 1

Most of us are tired from PTC sites due to there slow earning process. After this post you will surely be good at it and it will help you out. Mostly people at first join the high paying Scam sites and get dishearted, try to join trust PTC sites at first like NEOBUX PALM BUX BUX MATRIX SMITH BUX etc. Which have some reputation, after joining them your referral link is provided join the forums and discussions groups and put the referral link(s) in signature. Where referral links allowed post your link in the discussions. Secondly keep clicking the ads. PTC sites like NEO BUX PALM BUX provide the service of rent referrals and you can buy them from your balance. Rent the referrals and check there stats now you are clicking plus 3 rented referrals for a month are clicking. But do check your referrals daily, if 1 or 2 referrals does not click for more then 3 days change them some people like me change them after 2 days. Now you'll see in month you have earned minimum payout 2$ or 3$. If rented period is over rent again now you will earn more, and on other site put your banner link and cash it for PTC ads means buy advertisement from your main balance. But it is best if you have your own site. Try to think ahead because many people have joined PTC sites but millions don't know about them. Join the chat and groups and send your link there, I have tried above tricks on few PTC's like NEOBUX and Palm BUX and they work pretty well. Good LUCK
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