Monetize your blog with AD Sense

Friday, May 1

When you start blogging the main thing for you is to make money but some people don't use blog for money making, they provide valuable information. If they have personal blog then they just post there information. Making money through your blog is not a bad idea. When Blogger provides the system of money making then we should avail it. You can monetize your blog with Google ad sense which is the option in the blog. Google will show ads relating to your blog and it is very handy. Visitors on your blog need information on topics the blog is about, and the google ads will show the relevant ads to your blog. Whenever someone clicks on them you are credited for the click. So don't hesitate on putting your google ads in your blog.

Placement of Ads

Where to put your ads? mostly the most viewable area and where they clearly visible are best places like headers, footers, right and left, although you can put ads after the posts. Placement of ads are the major thing, mostly people only view attractive big ads with images. So try to put them on most viewable part of your blog. Happy Earning!
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