BEST Ways To Get Paid Online, For Free

Sunday, June 14

If you have noticed the recent breed of paid to click websites cropping up all over the place then you would be forgiven for thinking that your ship has come in.
These PTC sites simply allow people to sign up for free and click on website links, wait 30 seconds and earn some money.

You can go further and refer other people, for free, which is easy enough, and earn additional money each time they click a link too! This sounds like a lucrative idea!

And it is. The get Paid To Click industry is booming right now, but please be aware!

Most sites I have reviewed will pay, for example, $0.01 per click, and $0.01 each time one of your referrals clicks a website too.

If you, and your referral clicked the same link, that would mean that $0.02 has to be saved by the administrator of the website to pay you.

The main problem with this is that the majority of PTC(paid to click) websites don't charge enough money to the advertisers to cover this eventuality.

You might argue, and rightly so, that not everyone will refer people, and not everyone will upgrade - this is true, but this is running a risk which is simply not needed. If a lot of people went and referred others, there might not be enough money "in the pot" to pay you out!

So, what CAN you do to protect your hard-earned money, and the time invested in that website referring others to it - friends and family?

Find a website that thrives on a good solid business plan, with honest owners. Ensure that what they charge their advertisers is enough to cover the payouts which might need to be paid out.

One of the best Get Paid To Click websites has to be They run an in-profit plan which means that advertisers are charged enough to cover ALL ACTUAL FEE''S and thus guaranteeing you get paid for your efforts. If you are looking for an honest PTC, choose and neobux is also a fantastic place for you to advertise your business, blog, website or other, and you will get targeted, interested people looking at your website every day for a very low cost fee.
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