Earning dollars With Paid Surveys

Sunday, June 21

I make very good part time money taking surveys online but it took awhile for me to understand how they work and exactly what to do when filling in the surveys.

There are many free survey sites online commonly referred to as GPT or "get paid to" sites. This means you get paid to fill out surveys or in some cases try products and services of some of the most well known companies.

The first thing anyone should do when joining one of these GPT sites is start a new free email address because you will most certainly be getting a ton of email offers. This way you can keep your personal email inbox full of these offers. Consider it like keeping your personal and business emails separate.

Another thing I did was purchased one of the cheap "pay as you go" cell phones to use as my contact phone. This avoids tons of calls on my house phone and any calls I get related to the surveys or offers I fill out go to my cell phone. I then check my voicemail daily and call back those I am interested in talking with.

It is important to understand that you should never pay to join a survey site as they are basically providing you with the same offers as the free to join survey sites

You will see many ads and sites claiming you can make thousands of dollars a month completing these offers and while you can build a decent income it will take a time and the biggest key is referrals. These are people that you get to sign up to the site and earn a commission of the surveys and offers they complete. If you have a bunch of friends or you are decent at Internet marketing then you can probably build a base of referrals that will continually increase your monthly earning. In general survey sites should not be looked at as a way to replace a full-time income but they are a way to make some very decent part time money to pay for a vacation or maybe a car payment.

Learning how to fill out the surveys takes time but you have to pay attention to what you are required to do and look for things like "skip" or "no thank you" these are keys that you do not have to fill out certain pages or offers and you can skip that page.

Finally look for something that clues you that you have finished the requirement as some of these offers do it in very subtle ways and if you are not paying attention you can go on all day filling out more and more surveys for nothing.
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