Paid to click sites - Industry Review

Monday, June 15

There are those in the PTC industry, which are seeing an increase in users simply due to the poor economic conditions around the world. In the U.S. has seen a 24% increase in new user registrations, during the past four weeks and there seems to be no end sight for continued growth.

The question will be, can the larger sites compete in the current market place. One problem that occurs in the industry is that users will jump from site to site. In this case, PTC sites, which also rely on offers to keep their users active, have one common problem - if user "A" signs up for one offer on site "B" (and completes that offer) and then moves onto site "C", the offer can not be completed as user "A" has already completed the offer on site "B". However, this scenario in a highly competitive market place is not all gloom and doom.

What many PTC industry owners can't understand, is the desire for users to simply click on ads, as opposed to completing offers. This may be where sites like AdBux and CashCrate may continue to do well, as the offer market has specific limitations (mainly geographical related). In other words, sites like CashCrate, AdBux and TreasureTrooper must appeal mainly to US, Canadian and United Kingdom residents. International PTC sites, must rely solely upon ads to keep their users active. What's interesting is that users who are members at combo ad/offer sites actually prefer to simply click on ads, as opposed to completing offers, as it's a no-brainer to earn money. However, what those users may not realize is that it may take 50 or 100 separate ad views (and clicks) to make 50 cents and they could be earning that 50 cents (or more) within a minute or two in completing a free offer. In fact, the top earners on combo ad/offer sites are the users who complete the free offers. Yes, some of the offers can be time consuming but, the pay off can be as high as $3.00 to complete a survey and/or offer up an opinion to get paid.

What's not fair in this segment in the industry is the discriminating factors of the companies contracting to place these offers on ad/offer combo sites. They seem to think there is very little value in appealing to users in India, Pakistan, Portugal etc.. However, in 2009 that tide may turn, as there are a few companies out there who are now expanding their reach to such countries in the hope of appealing to users who meet certain criteria. Yes, the offers will be there but, the profile of the user will be strictly enforced to ensure value for dollar.

With more (pure) ad click PTC sites vying for traffic, ads may begin to dry up as well. It's all about supply and demand. In the case of, it would appear as though they are supplementing slow ad sales with their own ads to their online store hawking coffee mugs and t-shirts. In addition, they will put up ads, which drive traffic into their proof of payment testimonial pages. Reviewing the clicks on self-created ads, one can see those numbers (clicks) are large in number and hence, this offers a great Alexa rating, however, it is a false rating of popularity based upon driving traffic from within - to it's own pages.
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