Things You Should Know before Joining Paid to Programs

Sunday, June 21

In the midst of scam sites meandering out there, we attempt to arm web surfers and advertisers a vaccine checklist of things you should pay attention to while deciding on sites you want to join. The basic rule is if it is too good to be true, then it may be is. Get out of there!

Before we proceed, let's make sure you have already had these as they are commonly required when registering as a new member:

• A valid email address - Sites you signed up to will require this to contact you. First they send you a verification link to your mailbox. And you need to click on the link to prove that the email address is yours. Once you've done this, you are accepted as their member. Email addresses are also used to contact you if they need some information regarding your account, payments, etc.

• A payment account - This can be PayPal, MoneyBookers, e-gold and lots more. Some sites send their payments using those online payment services and some are using checks, such as ClixSense.

• Awareness of Terms of Service - TOSs are meant to protect customers. Never neglect them as they are your early defense from being scammed. Pay attention especially on the "PAYMENT" section. Make sure you understand what has been written there. If you can't found the "payment" section, it is advisable to assume that the program will most likely don't pay. Awareness is critical in fighting internet plague today. Always scan over this and check for things you might not understand so that you don't accidentally break them without knowing.

Next step is:

Inspect its front page carefully. As mentioned above "if what you see is too good to be true, it may be is". Be rational, getting rich equals to hard and smart working combined with knowledge power. $100 for a click or $500 just for signing up doesn't count like hard working at all. Would there be a person desperate enough to spend $2000 for 20 viewer who they can't even tell if those 20 are gonna convert or not?

Also look for the minimum payout amount. Some programs state minimum payout as many as hundreds of dollars. That will make you work hard to reach payout but the only way for you to redeem it is by buying their advertising packages. The money will never get to your hand. I suggest selecting low amount of minimum payout about $0.01-$20 at most.

Another thing worth to pay attention at is the advertising cost they offer. If you told somebody to sell your $100,000 home and that person only asked $50 for advertising cost and sale commission, would you think that he's gonna really sell your house? You don't have to be Einstein to think that he would ran off with your money, right? Even if he was trying to sell your home, would he make the offer to the right market? With $50 for a $100,000 worth house, promotion wouldn't be far.

But wait! There are some programs that looks like offering loads of cash and they really pay! Only the amount you earn is converted with certain rate exchange. It is usually determined by the admin's profit and total members registered. You might encounter this information written on their ToS. You might want to check on it especially when your account shows $200,000. It might turn to $2 after conversion.
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