Biggest Myth - Making Money from PTC Websites

Monday, July 27

You may have never even owned a website, or know anything
about creating one. The only way you have made money
online is by joining paid to click sites and clicking ads.

Well I'm here to dispel the myth that you can get rich
by joining paid to click programs and clicking ads.

The truth is, the webmasters who own these sites are making
even more money off of you. Or why else are they doing it?

These webmasters act as intermediaries or "middle mans"
who sell traffic to other site owners, and pay you,
the "worker" to click on ads.

You need to get out of the rat race.

They may pay only a couple of cents for you to click an
ad to view a website, but the person who's getting their site
displayed is paying double to the webmaster.

The webmaster is thus free of doing any work, and yet he is
making money automatically. He is making money off of your hard

Want to know the real way of making money with get paid to sites?

By owning one yourself!

This is not another get rich quick scheme where you will
spend hours making clicks to earn pennies. You will be making
others beg you to click on ads, and you will have "payers" send
cash straight to your paypal account for traffic.

You are going to learn a real money making opportunity, that will
make you more money than filling out surveys, and getting paid
to click ads.

Making money online, requires investment. You can't make money
without investing anything. People want you to believe that you
can make money without doing anything, but the hard truth is that
you will need to spend money on "website" essentials.

This will include web hosting, the domain name, and a little bit on marketing. If you were to buy the script, it would cost hundreds of dollars, but if you read on you will learn how to get it for free.

Making Dollars Through Blog is Easy

Thursday, July 23

Making money from blog is something that is easy to do. It is not as difficult as many people say it is. In fact, it is as simple as A, B, C. Simply follow the rules and you will reap the good rewards of blogging in terms of money. The way to do it is to set up a blog based on an affiliate program on a topic that you are in love with. You will then need to use articles to promote your blog so that interested people will be able to click on affiliate links at your blog to make a commission on whatever has being bought or service that has been rendered. Here's an important rule to follow to make this work for you.

Use Keywords That Are Hot
Keywords are the currency of online content. It is what you will use to get the needed traffic for massive affiliate sales from your blog. If you ignore keywords, you simply do so at your own disadvantage. This is because you will get only 5% effectiveness for your articles if you fail to use keywords to write content for your blog.

Use keywords that are hot to write your articles. By this I mean keywords that are not all that popular and have little or no competition. Keywords such as these will be easier for you to rank high for. You will be able to rank high in the search engines and pull in a lot of visitors to your blog using keywords that are low in competition. The end result will be that making money from blog will be very easy because a large percentage of people who are visiting your blog will be highly interested in what you have to offer. They will click on your affiliate links and you will make sales at a dramatic rate.

One other important thing to do is to post the keyword-rich articles you have written in as many websites as possible, including the blog you have created. Over time you blog visitors will grow into the hundreds of thousands, making you money from your affiliate program. Truly making money from blog has never been easier than this.

Build a Money Making Blog

If you are thinking of starting a moneymaking blog there are a number of items to consider before you build your blog. One of the first items to consider before you build your blog is to decide on which niche or keyword you intend to focus on. It's always best to find keywords or niches with low competition and high search results. You can find the competition statistics using the Google keyword tool. Keep in mind that even the Google keyword tool is not always 100% correct.

So what you want to do is find a niche that you are interested in. Say for instance you are interested in mountain biking, you would do a search with the Google keyword tool and add the keyword mountain biking to this search tool. The search tool will then pull up a number of different keywords that are related to mountain biking. What I like to do is to go through the list and see which keywords have at least 2000 people searching that keyword per month. Then take that keyword and add it to the Google search bar with quotation marks. That will give you an indication of how many websites are focused on that keyword. You want to stay below 30,000 as the number of competitive sites that you will try to rank against. Then go back to the Google keyword tool and look at the drop down box where it says CPC. The CPC stance for cost per click. I like to have a cost per click of at least one or two dollars but the higher the number the better.

Once you've found your keyword with low competition and high search, then you will want to create a WordPress blog with that keyword as the URL and title of the blog. So what I do is I go to and I look for a URL with that keyword in it. If I can't find a URL with just that keyword I will add the word review or site to it so that I can have a URL with the keyword within it. So for example the URL would be mountain biking as an example.

So now I have my URL and I am ready to build my WordPress blog. So go to cpanel and click on fantastic icon. Within fantastic you will find a option to build a WordPress blog. Give the WordPress blog the title of your keyword and in our case it would be mountain biking review. Once your WordPress blog is built and your title is in your WordPress blog go ahead and create a post with mountain biking as the main subject. Every day from here on you should place at least one post about mountain biking in your blog. It will take roughly 2 to 3 months before you will start seeing traffic to your WordPress blog. You can monetize your blog with either AdSense or affiliate programs and before long you will be making some money and the more post you create the more money you will be making.

Neobux - Best Money Making Solution

Monday, July 20

Neobux is, hands-down, the best Paid-To-Click (PTC) site on the Internet. Of course, this must necessarily be the personal opinion of the author, but experience has shown me that when the number of scam PTC sites far outweighs the legitimate sites on the Net, you must be extremely discerning about where you direct your time and money. As I have achieved such excellent results with Neobux, I feel very comfortable making this personal judgment.

Along the way, I have learned a few things that have helped maximize my return and build a very nice income stream. I offer what follows in the spirit of passing on what I have learned through many lost hours (and dollars) of PTC experience, in the hope of helping others avoid some of the same pitfalls.


Referrals are the single most important part of building a regular income stream with Neobux, or any other PTC site. It goes without saying that the more referrals you have, the more money you will make. Now this is all well and good if you have the blood of a salesman running through your veins. If however, like most of us, you feel a little weird about hassling friends and strangers to jump aboard your little Internet venture, finding referrals can be a huge stumbling block.

The idea of building a fabulous website to funnel people straight into your money-making venture sounds great, but the reality is that you will first need to find those people to visit your website. As so many people have learned over the last couple of decades, building a whiz-bang site will do diddly-squat if no one ever sees it. So we are back to the same problem. Finding people to visit your site is just as tricky as finding referrals.

Buying or Renting Referrals

Most PTC sites offer an avenue for you to obtain referrals without having to find your own. These are people who have joined without going through an affiliate site, and therefore have no referrer, or members whose referrer has become inactive.

Neobux offers a range of different size referral rental packs, giving you a choice of how much or how little you want to invest. My experience is that a regular program of purchasing a small number of referrals can quickly build into a genuine stream of income that will then take care of those costs for you.

Once you have hit a particular threshold, you will be earning enough to pay for your regular purchase of referral packs, and make a clear profit on top. This will not only keep the money flowing in, it will also ensure that your income will continue to increase.

Keeping Your Referrals

The process of renting referrals from Neobux includes an ongoing cost to maintain them in your downline. The idea is to build a stable of high quality referrals that will click ads regularly and weed out those that are going to cost you money in rental fees and not contribute to your income. Neobux will automatically replace referrals that have been inactive for two months, but you don't want to have to pay two months worth of rental fees for a member that is not giving you anything back.

By keeping a constant eye on your referral's statistics, and only renewing the rental on those that have high daily click rates, you can help keep the money coming in at a steady pace. You do have the option of replacing referrals at a cost of eight cents each, however this is not something that I would recommend. In my opinion, this is much like making a bet that the new referral is going to be better than the one you have given up. Without any knowledge of your downline's life and activities, you really have no way of knowing that this is the case. A member that has been inactive or only slightly active may suddenly become regularly active again for reasons known only to themselves. A new member, in contrast, may be an Internet surfer with no real interest in PTC who has registered purely out of curiosity, and will never click on an ad.

My own strategy is to let referrals that do not have an average daily click rate above a certain level expire naturally, and to renew those whose click rate is above the chosen level. This way, I continue to pay rental fees on those members that are contributing more than they are costing me, and let go of those that are draining my balance rather than adding to it.

With some thought and just a little investment of time and money, Neobux offers an excellent way to start making money on-line. Once you have a regular profit stream coming in, you can then look further afield for the many more lucrative on-line strategies out there. Neobux could be an excellent foundation from which to build your own personal Internet Empire!

Internet Money Making Ideas

Friday, July 17

When you do a little surfing over the web, you would probably see different schemes of making money on the internet. When you hang around with friends and family, you might have given considerable time talking and planning on how to go about those plans to keep the money flowing. In your mind, you would probably have at least five totally different ideas to give you extra income. To help you make a wiser decision, let us take a deeper look into the most common internet money-making options and see the pros and cons they offer.

Blogging for Money

Pros: Yes, this is one of the most popular ways of making money on the internet. Having a blog is a fun way to earn those extra funds. A blog can earn you money if you attract advertisers. There are numerous ways to monetize your blog using ads. Most bloggers use Google Adsense, Google Adwords, Bidvertiser and affiliate programs. You may also create content and get paid using Pay Per Post or Buy Blog reviews or other post-and-get-paid sites.

Cons: If your blog is new and still has no high page rank, then you might have difficulty in generating enough income from this. A blog also needs to be established for some time before you can earn a high page rank.

Paid-to-Click/Paid-to-Read Sites

Pros: These "pay-to" sites make earning easy. You just need to spend time clicking or reading ads. There are many PTC/PTR sites available.

Cons: You will need to be very patient since this way of making money on the internet needs a lot of time and entails staying in front of the PC for hours. If you want to earn faster, then you may also shell out a few dollars worth of referrals. There are sites which have records of not giving payouts so beware of these scammers.

Freelance Work

Pros: There are many freelance work and you just have to know where to find them. Scout around by joining online communities such as forums and networking sites where you can get ideas and even referrals. Doing freelance work is flexible that you can earn more by doing more.

Cons: You have to be interested in what you are doing. For example, only choose freelance writing if you enjoy it or is good at it. The competition for freelancers is high and some companies pay low.

Selling Online

Selling is one of the old and tested ways of making money on the internet. eBay is a good place to start. You may sell new items or second-hand goods and gain a profit from it. Some have been successful in this venture that it became their full-time jobs. There are ebooks available about selling online, they might help.

Cons: You have to get over the competition. Thousands of people and companies sell something on the internet. Try to cover your own niche and market. Creativity and resourcefulness must be used here. Try to be different from other sellers and capture a specific market.

Earn Money Through The Internet

Nowadays, the Internet has become an invaluable resource for anyone looking for ways to earn money. There are several ways to earn money online. The most popular ones are listed below.

Earn money by reading emails

This is probably the easiest way to earn money online not to mention the most accessible since almost everybody has an email address. The mechanics are simple. Online advertisers provide commissions to the companies that assign the paid emails. An individual who receives a paid email will get paid when he or she clicks on the links or visits the websites of the advertiser.

The problem with paid email programs is that they do not pay much. The average earning for this type of activity is between $0.01 to $1.00 for every paid email. Most paid companies also have a payout minimum which means that they pay the email reader only after he or she has reached a certain amount of emails.

Get paid to take surveys

This is probably one of the easiest ways to earn money on the Internet. Imagine, all you have to is answer a couple of questions and you get money in exchange. Your opinions are indeed as good as gold. There are hundreds, even thousands of online merchants, who want to hear what you have to say and are willing to pay you a good amount of money just by letting them know what you think about their products.

The only problem with paid survey programs is the fact that you have to pay a certain amount in the form of an access fee so you can start answering surveys. But the amount is nothing compared to the money that you can potentially earn.

Like in paid email programs, you must be careful in choosing the right paid survey programs so as to avoid being scammed. The best thing you can do to avoid falling for fake paid survey schemes is to access databases of survey programs.

Complete offers and earn money

Completing offers is a more lucrative way to earn money online that paid emails and paid surveys. And just like paid emails and paid surveys, you can also do this at the comfort of your home or room. In this type of program, you will be paid for trying out products and services or participating companies. The offers involves a wide range of products and services including club memberships, samples, free trials, credit cards, etc.

Individuals who complete offers earn as much as $70 for very completed offer. You just need to shell out cash for shipping and handling of products or for trial memberships. Usually, the greater the amount you put out, the more cash you will earn. This is actually a great deal because the offers you will complete are mostly useful. This means that your hard earned money won’t be wasted. It is like getting paid for shopping.

Earn money as you shop

And speaking of getting paid for shopping, there is actually a program where you actually do get paid for shopping. For this scheme, individuals get paid a percentage of what they spend at online stores. So if you are individual who does a lot of online shopping, then this program is definitely for you. You get to do the thin g you love to do and get paid for doing it.

Join an affiliate marketing program

If you really want to earn big bucks on the Internet then the bets way to do so is by joining affiliate marketing programs. New affiliate marketers earn between $23,000 to $25,000 a year.

Clickbank Affiliate Marketing

Monday, July 13

Clickbank is by far one of the most profitable online marketing programs in the market today. You too can become successful in this venture if only you are willing to take risks and learn new things. There is so much money you can earn through Clickbank affiliate marketing and you can start right about now.

If you are one of those people who are so invested in making their lives better and making a little more extra cash, you may want to consider becoming an online marketing affiliate. Clickbank is one of the best affiliate programs there are online which can help you greatly in earning a lot of money and making your life better.

For some people it would seem like a daunting task venturing to internet based jobs that sounds really unfamiliar and intimidating. However, it is actually quite easy to learn the ropes of internet marketing, if only you are willing to open your mind to new things especially the techniques of online advertising and sales.

Clickbank is home to thousands of products and services that various online businesses offers and as an affiliate, it will be your job to market them to potential buyers through the use of different online marketing tools. One of the most important tools you will need is a website where you can advertise the products and services of the company. Your website is supposed to be something that a lot of people will visit and will get interested in the wares that you are selling.

It is a crucial point to choose the right products and services to market and sell since they will be a large determinant of your success or failure in being an affiliate. You must choose those that you are familiar with in order to provide correct and detailed descriptions of the products and services to the clients. They are will be looking for sellers who will be able to accommodate their questions as well as concerns before buying a certain product or availing a service so you need to be adept with everything that you sell.

A mark of the best affiliate programs is being able to provide relevant products and services and provide appropriate compensation for its affiliates. You must keep this in mind if you intend to be successful in this online venture.

Being part of one of the best affiliate programs in the market, there is a great need to be very competitive and innovative when it comes to the marketing strategies you employ particularly because it is a result oriented business and you can only earn as much as you produce. Some of the most powerful marketing tool is content writing, which serves both the visitors as well as the affiliate. You may choose to write informative articles that are relevant to the products and services that you are trying to sell. There are several web article sites that provide useful product information for buyers and they often accept article contributions from people who would want to impart knowledge in exchange for the opportunity to advertise their own websites through putting their links with the articles.

In any type of business venture, it is very important to keep track of all transactions that you make as well as all payments that are made to you by the company or companies that you advertise the products and services for. Clickbank is one of the most reputable affiliate marketing programs that people can depend on for their success and it can be a very profitable opportunity for you.

Make Money As an Affiliate

Have you ever considered working as an affiliate marketer? You can make money as an affiliate quite easily if you put your mind to it. What does an affiliate do? This type of marketing is quite simple to understand. Essentially, those that act as affiliates bring customers to their website, and then they pass on the customer to another website through various advertising techniques. The final destination website then pays the affiliate marketer for their efforts and all of this results in quite a tidy payment for the affiliate. Confused? Let's create an easy to understand example.

Let's say that you are an affiliate. You build a website, draw customers to your website, and get those customers to look around your site. You then provide useful and pertinent links to other websites on your site. These other sites become the brand or seller that you will eventually pay you. As your customers head to these sites, you are compensated for the number of people that you send to that brand site. See how easy it is? While you can make money as an affiliate, many people forego this marketing tactic altogether.

Why? Most people are so concerned with other marketing tricks that they completely forget about affiliate marketing. However, this type of marketing has been proven effective time and again. Thus, affiliates should never be overlooked. Whether you own a brand site or you want to become an affiliate, you'll find that this marketing tactic is really something that everyone should think about. If you want to make money as an affiliate, then start looking for some brand websites that your site could possibly link to. Simply make sure that the sites you are linking to have something in common with your own site. This way, consumers are far more likely to trust your site to begin with.

As you can see, there are great opportunities out there for affiliates. If you want to make money as an affiliate, don't overlook this chance. Set up a website, find some brand sites that are willing to compensate you, and start attracting customers. If you begin to research the various ways to entice internet users, you will find that bringing people to your site (and then passing those same people along to other sites) is quite easy to accomplish. Do you want to make money online? Look into affiliate opportunities today - you'll be glad you did!

Fast Cash Blogging - Make easy cash online

Saturday, July 11

One of the first question people ask when they first start on the Internet is, how can I make money online? The truth of the matter is, there are many different ways to make money online. In this article we will discuss how to make fast cash blogging.

A lot of people will set up a blog and throw a few Clickbank products on their blog and hope to overflow their bank account with a bunch of sales. Although someone may make a few sales this way, this is not recommended because you are shooting in the dark using this method.

You can make fast cash online but when you use blogging as your primary method, you need to build a relationship with your prospects that will take some time to develop. Try to stay away from all the hype that is being promoted over the Internet and focus on your potential buyers which is the reason you are in business.

It is also recommended that you purchase the products yourself before you try to promote them. This is not mandatory that you do this, but when you use a product that you are trying to promote, you can speak about it from personal usage which will make things a lot easier to talk about it from a personal standpoint.

When blogging for fast cash you need to build trust with your prospects in a way that they know when you recommend a particular product or service it must be worthy enough because of the simple fact that you're mentioning it to them. This kind of relationship will take time but is necessary for the success of your business whether you relate to them through blogging or by email marketing.

Regardless which marketing technique you use, if you want to make fast cash blogging you will benefit the most by communicating with visitors who come to your site and turning them into prospects, which could ultimately become buyers and hopefully repeat buyers.

Blogging For Money

Yep, Every Blogging for Money Blogger Wants a Blog Like This! Each morning after Brent awoke, the first thing he did was check his Google AdSense account, his Clickbank account and his Affiliate account for his CPA ads. It was always awesome because between those three income sources, Brent had been generating $285.00 a day steadily for seven months straight.

How he lost it all in one fail swoop will serve as a learning lesson to all bloggers and website owners on WHAT NOT TO DO! Bloggers of the world, if you are blogging for money, please DON"T learn this lesson the HARD WAY!

Blogging for Money Blogger Goes From Zero To $285.00 Per Day in 15 Months - Brent started off with a clear-cut vision; he wanted to offer visitors to his blog concise and unique information in his niche. He worked tirelessly for eight months researching and gathering information and then writing informative, engaging and helpful blog posts. His readers loved his writing style and the fact that he delivered vital info and pertinent resources.

A testament to his success was the fact that he quickly garnered an astounding 6109 readers through his Opt-in list. Brent reminiscences about the day he started seeing the fruits of his labor. Says Brent, "It was like a blogger's dream come true seeing my blog go from a few pennies a day, to ten dollars a day, to forty dollars a day and the first time I hit $100 a day was a amazing!" He got there by providing unique content and by answering the questions his readers were asking. No tricks, no gimmicks, no hype and no black hat techniques... at least not yet!

Blogging for Money Blogger Gets Lazy and Then Goes Crazy! Say it isn't so! - Brent was singing the song, "I'm making money... I'm making money... I'm making money online! YAHOO and Yippee ki-ay!" The thrill became so real that in all honestly Brent got lazy and stopped posting articles to his blog and altogether pressed pause on his online marketing system.

It is important to note, at that point, he had quit his full time job. Blogging for Money had become his S-O-L-E source of income! But, when your income averages out to $285.00 per day, seven days a week, why do you need a job anyway, right? Right! After about two months of coasting along and enjoying the life of a successful blogger, Brent went online and made a costly mistake NO BLOGGER should ever make.

Blogging for Money Blogger Follows Guru To The DBI - Brent saw a PPC Pay Per Click add by one of the Internet Marketing Gurus boasting about how bloggers never have to write another article ever again... if they join his PLR membership. Intrigued, Brent clicked on the ad and read the sales pitch.

It was so compelling that he instantly became a member and that's when his blog and his world came crashing down! Brent immediately downloaded about one hundred and twenty articles and started posting twenty articles a week to his blog.

You knew this was coming so here goes, dun da dun tah! About seven weeks after posting the first set of PLR articles Brent noticed a major dive in his income. He went from averaging $285.00 per day down to around $26.00 a day. And of course when that is your sole source of income, you get antsy REAL FAST.

Brent checked his Blogging for Money blog to make sure it was up and running, he checked all of his income producing accounts such as Google Adsense and Clickbank, etc., and they all checked out, OK?

He called a blogger friend to help him figure out what was going on... the friend went and googled Brent's blog and it was NOT FOUND! Brent's Blogging for Money blog had been banished to the dreaded (DBI) Delisted Blogger Index. His blog was TOTALLY delisted by Google. It was if it never existed! All of that work he put into getting his keyword phrases on page one... ALL DOWN THE TUBE! All the research... ALL DOWN THE TUBE!

Blogging for Money Blogger Fights Back and Gets Knocked The Hell Out! - Furious, Brent the Blogger transformed himself into a lean, mean fighting machine. He contacted Google and was ready to let them have it and that's when the Internet gods knocked him out cold with a crooked right uppercut. Blogger Brent got read the RIOT act about submitting Substantial Duplicate Content. The rep even sent him indisputable proof. All Brent could do was stare at that e-mail and curse the day he signed up for that PLR article membership. He had followed the guru to the DBI. He pulled all of those articles off of his blog and is trying to get his site relisted. In the meantime, Brent went looking for a job to help pay the mortgage

Blog Tips and Strategies

Blogging Tips

Even though the internet is a fast paced environment and its getting harder and harder for the average blogger to keep up with it all, fortunately, some blog strategies have remained the same. Here's a reminder, along with a few blog tips.

Posting Tips

Avoid large blocks of text

Be sure to break up your article into readable bites. Most people who use the internet are scanners. So make sure you use descriptive headings within your post to catch their eye. Keep it focused and as short as possible. Try and find a picture that is relevant, to place within your article.

Check Your Spelling and Editing

Misspelling words even happens with the pros and they are given a certain amount of leeway. But for unknown writers it is a stab at their credibility. It looks as if you don't really care, so why should your reader?

Post Regularly

Try and set a regular posting rhythm. Not only will you keep your regular visitors interested, you will also keep the interest of the search engines and their bots. Fresh content equals better search engine rankings and more visitors.

Make Sure Your Post Titles Are What they Say They Are

The search engines read them and then sort and rank them accordingly. That is what is offered up to people who are searching for that particular information. Don't let either of them down.

Include A Signature and A Post Date

Contrary to what you may believe, your posts are not always timeless. Letting your reader know when your article was posted also lets them know how long you have been at it and can give you more credibility. Your signature lets them know exactly who wrote the post.

Other Blog Tips

Include An Author Bio and Picture.

People like to put a face on the writer and their bio gives them a sense of what they are all about. Now unless you are writing exclusively about yourself and your life, don't put out too much personal information. Once you post it out there on the net, it's pretty much out there for good. Even if you decide to delete information later, there are ways for other people to recapture it

Bad Links

Nothing is more frustrating to your visitor when they click on a link that takes them nowhere, or when they are redirected to something completely else.

Keep You Blog Focused

Don't try to be everything to everybody. Just focus on your targeted audience.

Your RSS Button

Be sure to have one, and that it is easy to find.

Sidebar Content And Links

Keep everything relevant. Studies have shown that offering too many choices to your readers is too confusing and they are less likely to click on them.

The Overall Best Blog Strategy

Own Your Own Domain Name

There are many services that host your blog and give you a domain name for free, and that's a great opportunity to get started. But what about down the road? Its always best to own your own domain name and pay for inexpensive hosting. This way you will retain control over your content and internet destiny, not someone else.

Follow these basic blog tips and strategies, and then improve on them. If you want to be successful at anything, remember the basics and keep learning!

Blogging For Dollars

Blogging for dollars is one of those phrases that sound good. The thought that you could get paid to write comments and articles in a blog is extremely exciting. There are many ways you can make money with your blog and were going to talk about five ways you can do it in this article.

1. A common way that bloggers earn money is to put Google AdSense ads on their blog. You can add these to the header or footer and have them automatically show up in each blog post. You can also place them in the sidebar and they will make it in every blog article too.

Google owns Blogger and they make it very easy to add to the platform. WordPress offers excellent plug-ins to easily install Google AdSense ads.

If you are not an approved affiliate you will need to join the program first. It's worth the effort to get approved for because this is easy money and can add up to several hundred dollars or even thousands of dollars a month in income to you.

2. Another common blogging for dollars approach is to join affiliate programs and place banners on your website. The nice thing about the banners is they contain your affiliate ID number.

Every time someone makes a purchase you earn a commission. There are millions of affiliate programs online so finding something that relates to the theme of your blog is easy to do.

3. There are bloggers earning six and seven-figure incomes a year with their blogs. When you achieve this level you are selling advertising to corporations or other Internet marketers with large advertising budgets.

At this point the majority of your time is spent on creating useful content and keeping your traffic numbers up to justify the fees your advertisers are paying you.

4. Text link advertising is done by smaller bloggers. This is pretty easy money because the advertisers pay you to place their text link on your sidebar.

5. Some bloggers will insert affiliate links into the text of the body of the blog article they are writing. This is a natural way to drive traffic to your affiliate sales pages because as people are reading the blog article they will automatically click on the link in front of them.

There certainly are more blogging for dollar tips we could add to this article. However this is five ways that bloggers commonly get paid every day for maintaining a quality blog with good traffic to it.
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