Biggest Myth - Making Money from PTC Websites

Monday, July 27

You may have never even owned a website, or know anything
about creating one. The only way you have made money
online is by joining paid to click sites and clicking ads.

Well I'm here to dispel the myth that you can get rich
by joining paid to click programs and clicking ads.

The truth is, the webmasters who own these sites are making
even more money off of you. Or why else are they doing it?

These webmasters act as intermediaries or "middle mans"
who sell traffic to other site owners, and pay you,
the "worker" to click on ads.

You need to get out of the rat race.

They may pay only a couple of cents for you to click an
ad to view a website, but the person who's getting their site
displayed is paying double to the webmaster.

The webmaster is thus free of doing any work, and yet he is
making money automatically. He is making money off of your hard

Want to know the real way of making money with get paid to sites?

By owning one yourself!

This is not another get rich quick scheme where you will
spend hours making clicks to earn pennies. You will be making
others beg you to click on ads, and you will have "payers" send
cash straight to your paypal account for traffic.

You are going to learn a real money making opportunity, that will
make you more money than filling out surveys, and getting paid
to click ads.

Making money online, requires investment. You can't make money
without investing anything. People want you to believe that you
can make money without doing anything, but the hard truth is that
you will need to spend money on "website" essentials.

This will include web hosting, the domain name, and a little bit on marketing. If you were to buy the script, it would cost hundreds of dollars, but if you read on you will learn how to get it for free.
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