Blogging For Dollars

Saturday, July 11

Blogging for dollars is one of those phrases that sound good. The thought that you could get paid to write comments and articles in a blog is extremely exciting. There are many ways you can make money with your blog and were going to talk about five ways you can do it in this article.

1. A common way that bloggers earn money is to put Google AdSense ads on their blog. You can add these to the header or footer and have them automatically show up in each blog post. You can also place them in the sidebar and they will make it in every blog article too.

Google owns Blogger and they make it very easy to add to the platform. WordPress offers excellent plug-ins to easily install Google AdSense ads.

If you are not an approved affiliate you will need to join the program first. It's worth the effort to get approved for because this is easy money and can add up to several hundred dollars or even thousands of dollars a month in income to you.

2. Another common blogging for dollars approach is to join affiliate programs and place banners on your website. The nice thing about the banners is they contain your affiliate ID number.

Every time someone makes a purchase you earn a commission. There are millions of affiliate programs online so finding something that relates to the theme of your blog is easy to do.

3. There are bloggers earning six and seven-figure incomes a year with their blogs. When you achieve this level you are selling advertising to corporations or other Internet marketers with large advertising budgets.

At this point the majority of your time is spent on creating useful content and keeping your traffic numbers up to justify the fees your advertisers are paying you.

4. Text link advertising is done by smaller bloggers. This is pretty easy money because the advertisers pay you to place their text link on your sidebar.

5. Some bloggers will insert affiliate links into the text of the body of the blog article they are writing. This is a natural way to drive traffic to your affiliate sales pages because as people are reading the blog article they will automatically click on the link in front of them.

There certainly are more blogging for dollar tips we could add to this article. However this is five ways that bloggers commonly get paid every day for maintaining a quality blog with good traffic to it.
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