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Thursday, July 23

If you are thinking of starting a moneymaking blog there are a number of items to consider before you build your blog. One of the first items to consider before you build your blog is to decide on which niche or keyword you intend to focus on. It's always best to find keywords or niches with low competition and high search results. You can find the competition statistics using the Google keyword tool. Keep in mind that even the Google keyword tool is not always 100% correct.

So what you want to do is find a niche that you are interested in. Say for instance you are interested in mountain biking, you would do a search with the Google keyword tool and add the keyword mountain biking to this search tool. The search tool will then pull up a number of different keywords that are related to mountain biking. What I like to do is to go through the list and see which keywords have at least 2000 people searching that keyword per month. Then take that keyword and add it to the Google search bar with quotation marks. That will give you an indication of how many websites are focused on that keyword. You want to stay below 30,000 as the number of competitive sites that you will try to rank against. Then go back to the Google keyword tool and look at the drop down box where it says CPC. The CPC stance for cost per click. I like to have a cost per click of at least one or two dollars but the higher the number the better.

Once you've found your keyword with low competition and high search, then you will want to create a WordPress blog with that keyword as the URL and title of the blog. So what I do is I go to and I look for a URL with that keyword in it. If I can't find a URL with just that keyword I will add the word review or site to it so that I can have a URL with the keyword within it. So for example the URL would be mountain biking as an example.

So now I have my URL and I am ready to build my WordPress blog. So go to cpanel and click on fantastic icon. Within fantastic you will find a option to build a WordPress blog. Give the WordPress blog the title of your keyword and in our case it would be mountain biking review. Once your WordPress blog is built and your title is in your WordPress blog go ahead and create a post with mountain biking as the main subject. Every day from here on you should place at least one post about mountain biking in your blog. It will take roughly 2 to 3 months before you will start seeing traffic to your WordPress blog. You can monetize your blog with either AdSense or affiliate programs and before long you will be making some money and the more post you create the more money you will be making.
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