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Monday, July 20

Neobux is, hands-down, the best Paid-To-Click (PTC) site on the Internet. Of course, this must necessarily be the personal opinion of the author, but experience has shown me that when the number of scam PTC sites far outweighs the legitimate sites on the Net, you must be extremely discerning about where you direct your time and money. As I have achieved such excellent results with Neobux, I feel very comfortable making this personal judgment.

Along the way, I have learned a few things that have helped maximize my return and build a very nice income stream. I offer what follows in the spirit of passing on what I have learned through many lost hours (and dollars) of PTC experience, in the hope of helping others avoid some of the same pitfalls.


Referrals are the single most important part of building a regular income stream with Neobux, or any other PTC site. It goes without saying that the more referrals you have, the more money you will make. Now this is all well and good if you have the blood of a salesman running through your veins. If however, like most of us, you feel a little weird about hassling friends and strangers to jump aboard your little Internet venture, finding referrals can be a huge stumbling block.

The idea of building a fabulous website to funnel people straight into your money-making venture sounds great, but the reality is that you will first need to find those people to visit your website. As so many people have learned over the last couple of decades, building a whiz-bang site will do diddly-squat if no one ever sees it. So we are back to the same problem. Finding people to visit your site is just as tricky as finding referrals.

Buying or Renting Referrals

Most PTC sites offer an avenue for you to obtain referrals without having to find your own. These are people who have joined without going through an affiliate site, and therefore have no referrer, or members whose referrer has become inactive.

Neobux offers a range of different size referral rental packs, giving you a choice of how much or how little you want to invest. My experience is that a regular program of purchasing a small number of referrals can quickly build into a genuine stream of income that will then take care of those costs for you.

Once you have hit a particular threshold, you will be earning enough to pay for your regular purchase of referral packs, and make a clear profit on top. This will not only keep the money flowing in, it will also ensure that your income will continue to increase.

Keeping Your Referrals

The process of renting referrals from Neobux includes an ongoing cost to maintain them in your downline. The idea is to build a stable of high quality referrals that will click ads regularly and weed out those that are going to cost you money in rental fees and not contribute to your income. Neobux will automatically replace referrals that have been inactive for two months, but you don't want to have to pay two months worth of rental fees for a member that is not giving you anything back.

By keeping a constant eye on your referral's statistics, and only renewing the rental on those that have high daily click rates, you can help keep the money coming in at a steady pace. You do have the option of replacing referrals at a cost of eight cents each, however this is not something that I would recommend. In my opinion, this is much like making a bet that the new referral is going to be better than the one you have given up. Without any knowledge of your downline's life and activities, you really have no way of knowing that this is the case. A member that has been inactive or only slightly active may suddenly become regularly active again for reasons known only to themselves. A new member, in contrast, may be an Internet surfer with no real interest in PTC who has registered purely out of curiosity, and will never click on an ad.

My own strategy is to let referrals that do not have an average daily click rate above a certain level expire naturally, and to renew those whose click rate is above the chosen level. This way, I continue to pay rental fees on those members that are contributing more than they are costing me, and let go of those that are draining my balance rather than adding to it.

With some thought and just a little investment of time and money, Neobux offers an excellent way to start making money on-line. Once you have a regular profit stream coming in, you can then look further afield for the many more lucrative on-line strategies out there. Neobux could be an excellent foundation from which to build your own personal Internet Empire!


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