Valuebux Scam - PTC Scam program

Sunday, August 30

ValueBux is a Michael Pratt PTC site. Known for numerous PTC scams, Valuebux was known for its instant cash out but now they have turned into a big scam. So new users out there avoid joining valuebux. Valuebux started scamming by stopping cash out for standard members which was 5$, too much for PTC programs. Cash out was too high and now they stop paying it. I am also a member of valuebux and I liked this site alot but now they are scamming all my clicks wasted. And I have experience regarding valuebux, I ask there Mods and Admin that now your website is listed in scam and it is not good for valuebux reputation. You know what they simply did, they just banned me from there forums. So that no member hear my words of SCAM about them. I also generated a support ticket but no response from Admin or any of the Mods, from this experience you can also estimate and avoid joining it. Many people join without thinking, then they got dis hearted with PTC sites. I recommend just join Neobux, Palmbux, clixsense and few more, hope these don't turn into scam. Valuebux experience as you can see was so so bad that now I have decided not to join new PTC sites. Most of the sites are by same group of people just for scamming. There profits are too much but they don't pay to members or even they pay to build goodwill and then turn into scam. Next time you see payment proof of valuebux, don't even think of joining it or you will be SCAMMMED!Here is the list of Michael Prat Scammer PTC sites and they will surely grow

Make More Money with PalmBux Easily

Friday, August 28

These days with the increasing number of PTC sites, Palm bux has made its name in most trustworthy instant PTC. First of all you need to focus on daily clicking the ads, if you click daily it will make you few cents. If someone joins under you that will be an advantage. Try to advertise your referral link as much as you can. Because most of the people still unaware of the system. Make a website and put palmbux banner and position it that it attracts everyone. Most of the people when see the slow earning per click they just quit PTC sites, that’s a big disadvantage. Finding a regular clicker is a hard job to do.

Mini Referral Jackpot

Now in your account you have made few cents, try to play mini referral jackpot. If you win, you’ll get free referrals. Means more income and trust me its easy to win, because most of the people won the jackpot. But now still the main thing is you daily click the ads, it will take maximum 15 minutes. Now move on to next step.

Mini Jackpot

Now you have won the mini referral jackpot, and you got few more cents in your account. Play Mini Jackpot and buy the numbers that you think are lucky for you. And it really fast draws sometimes 2 jackpots in a day. If you manage to win 2 prizes you’ll get 3$, and continue buying the tickets. But don’t stop clicking the ads, if you are very lucky you might win several jackpots. Try to continue this thing as it will make you good money.

Mega Jackpot

Now you have few dollars in your account, play mega jackpot. If you remain too lucky you can win 50$. Well anyone can win as its not a cheat, try to buy tickets as much as you can. If you win 50$ it will cover up everything, that’s why I love Palmbux. Good Luck!

Neobux - Zero Dollars to Thousands of Dollars

Monday, August 24

So you are very much disappointed from making money online, many fake and scam sites that just wasted your time and money. There are many people (like me) who always try to find ways to make dollars online, well its not a easy way to do it. Surely, it needs hard work and daily commitment; most of us get tired due to slow earning online. I just say to them just be consistent and patient if you want to make something.
Neobux is a PTC website which has made its name in a very short period of time, and it can be your jackpot for monthly income as well. Neobux provides paid to click income 0.01 per click, it might sound very low too you but be patient. As I have already said you need to be consistent. I will share my story and tricks which made me zero to monthly income of $40. First join neobux, now start clicking you might find it slow but trust me.
First Month
Your first month earning without any referral will be $1.2 if you click daily, now you got to make a move rent referrals. Your first two rentals have discount, you rent 3 referrals for $0.75 from your neobux main balance. Now next month earning will be $1.2 + $1.8 means now you have earned $3. Now make a move again rent 10 referrals for $2.5 now you will be earning $1.2 + $6 in 30 days means $7.2. Now again rent referrals this thing when grows it will make you good income stream and if you understand how it works, you will be making huge income.
In making dollars from neobux you need consistency, just follow the above steps then see by yourself. Second start advertising your referral link, so that you get direct referrals. Make a blog and promote your link through it. Good Luck!

Make Money Online

Sunday, August 16

There is been many posts regarding make money online! Some are 100% proof formulas, which never makes you money, As they guarantee 100s of dollars in days. Well its not an easy job to make money online. If you have the urge to make money online then try these few things, It might surely help you alot.

Make Money with affiliates

The best way is to make money with affiliates and if you are good in website and blog handling then i'll assure you, you will be making good income through these affiliate programs. For newbie like me, Try to make a free blog on blogspot. Then join some affiliate programs ( there are many you can try google) , Make your blog simple and attractive and posts some thing related to your affiliates. Adjust there banners so they look attractive. Now join twitter or join some famous forums. Advertise your blog in a way that it does not sounds like a spam. It will surely give you some hits, and also do little bit of SEO. Post daily in your blog to keep the blog updated and interesting.

PTC Sites

The second and easiest way is to join PTC sites like Neobux, Palmbux, ValueBux. As they are trusted PTC sites and pay instantly, I got paid also. When you join them make your referral link active in forums and discussions. Or you can put it on your website or blog. And if you are lucky you might get a good clicker daily like me who clicks PTC ads. And its technique to earn money with PTC sites is click daily. And do not waste time on untrusted PTC scam sites without any proof. Here are some trusted PTC sites you can join neobux Palmbux Valuebux

Make Money on the Internet Through Blogging

Wednesday, August 12

It is no secret these days that the internet is a great place to make extra money, or even a full time income, through blogging. However, the amount of successful blogs that are really bringing in substantial income on a monthly basis is microscopic compared to the amount of people starting them. If blogging can be so lucrative, why do so many bloggers fail when venturing online?

The answer is actually quite simple - they ignored the crucial first step of starting your own blog: niche keyword research. Any experienced blogger will tell you that understanding which keywords you want to rank your blog for is a vital step in your long term success online. Finding the right phrases that you can rank highly for in your niche on the search engines is critical.

And the truth is, it is not bad keyword and niche research that sinks most blogs, it is actually NO keyword or niche research that will set you up to fail right out of the gate. No matter how good your content is, if you are not optimizing your blog for keywords that can bring you traffic (and buying traffic at that), then you are wasting your time banging away on your keyboard on your blog.

You need to research and understand the competition in your chosen niche, no matter if it is cross stitching or weight loss supplements. Simple and effective niche keyword research is unquestionably your ticket to success. No matter what you do, do not give up along the way. Be patient and tactful in your work, and your results will come.

Home Based Business - Blogging

If you are interested in starting a home based business using your computer, a blog is an excellent starting point. It is cheap in fact it needn't cost any money at all and need take no more than half an hour a day. What better starting point could you wish for. Most people are able to blog about something they are interested in, and there are many people out there on the net that will want to read about your interest.

Blogging has become extremely popular over the last few years and can range from the work from home mum who wants to write down her frustrations for the world to read or the business entrepreneur who wants to use a blog to sell an item or a service. A blog or web log is basically an online diary offering information that people want to read. If they like what you read they will come back for more and may even subscribe to your blog and become regular readers.

The most important thing with a blog is to build a relationship with your readers so that they come to trust you and see you as an expert in your field or simply just someone who writes interesting and entertaining information.

In order to set up a blog you need to choose a blog platform. Basically a blog is a web page formatted in a particular way so that it can be viewed like a diary. A blog platform is basically an online proforma that you can use to create your blog and you can also use that proforma to upload your blog onto the world wide web for the whole world to see. Your blog can be a WordPress blog or a Blogger blog depending on your preference. Both will allow you to choose a user name that will form part of the URL. All you have to do to set it up is to follow the prompts. There is usually help available online for those who need it.

Once you have chosen a platform and a name for your work from home blog the next thing you need to do is decide what you are going to blog about. Interestingly many of the more successful work from home blogs were started as an occasional hobby and just started to grow like "Topsy". Once you get a regular audience viewing your blog you will want to keep them entertained and so through your loyalty to them your blogging will become more regular and more purposeful.

One of the most important things to learn when you start your blog is the art of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) How to get noticed by Google and how to eventually get onto page one so that people find you. This way your home based business is more likely to be successful

Posting to a blog should be fun and enjoyable. If you start to get fed up with it just have a break and give it a rest for a while and you will come back to it with renewed enthusiasm and lots of new ideas.

You can make money from your blog by using adverts like AdSense or AdBrite to create some revenue. You can also sell products from Amazon or other affiliate sites. If you have your own product or opportunity you can use your blog to give information about it and to ultimately sell that product or service. You can also use your work from home blog to sell other peoples products. You act as an affiliate and promote and sell their product on your blog.

Some people use their blogs to share their poetry or maybe their music and may make money by asking for donations. I have also seen blogs that give detailed descriptions about how to do various things such as DIY or how to make craft items. The possibilities are endless and the ways to promote your blog are increasing daily making it an extremely viable proposition.

More recently blogs have had videos or audio added to them for extra interest. Without a doubt a blog is an excellent home based business idea that can be done by just about anybody.
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