Make More Money with PalmBux Easily

Friday, August 28

These days with the increasing number of PTC sites, Palm bux has made its name in most trustworthy instant PTC. First of all you need to focus on daily clicking the ads, if you click daily it will make you few cents. If someone joins under you that will be an advantage. Try to advertise your referral link as much as you can. Because most of the people still unaware of the system. Make a website and put palmbux banner and position it that it attracts everyone. Most of the people when see the slow earning per click they just quit PTC sites, that’s a big disadvantage. Finding a regular clicker is a hard job to do.

Mini Referral Jackpot

Now in your account you have made few cents, try to play mini referral jackpot. If you win, you’ll get free referrals. Means more income and trust me its easy to win, because most of the people won the jackpot. But now still the main thing is you daily click the ads, it will take maximum 15 minutes. Now move on to next step.

Mini Jackpot

Now you have won the mini referral jackpot, and you got few more cents in your account. Play Mini Jackpot and buy the numbers that you think are lucky for you. And it really fast draws sometimes 2 jackpots in a day. If you manage to win 2 prizes you’ll get 3$, and continue buying the tickets. But don’t stop clicking the ads, if you are very lucky you might win several jackpots. Try to continue this thing as it will make you good money.

Mega Jackpot

Now you have few dollars in your account, play mega jackpot. If you remain too lucky you can win 50$. Well anyone can win as its not a cheat, try to buy tickets as much as you can. If you win 50$ it will cover up everything, that’s why I love Palmbux. Good Luck!


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