Valuebux Scam - PTC Scam program

Sunday, August 30

ValueBux is a Michael Pratt PTC site. Known for numerous PTC scams, Valuebux was known for its instant cash out but now they have turned into a big scam. So new users out there avoid joining valuebux. Valuebux started scamming by stopping cash out for standard members which was 5$, too much for PTC programs. Cash out was too high and now they stop paying it. I am also a member of valuebux and I liked this site alot but now they are scamming all my clicks wasted. And I have experience regarding valuebux, I ask there Mods and Admin that now your website is listed in scam and it is not good for valuebux reputation. You know what they simply did, they just banned me from there forums. So that no member hear my words of SCAM about them. I also generated a support ticket but no response from Admin or any of the Mods, from this experience you can also estimate and avoid joining it. Many people join without thinking, then they got dis hearted with PTC sites. I recommend just join Neobux, Palmbux, clixsense and few more, hope these don't turn into scam. Valuebux experience as you can see was so so bad that now I have decided not to join new PTC sites. Most of the sites are by same group of people just for scamming. There profits are too much but they don't pay to members or even they pay to build goodwill and then turn into scam. Next time you see payment proof of valuebux, don't even think of joining it or you will be SCAMMMED!Here is the list of Michael Prat Scammer PTC sites and they will surely grow


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