Buxwiz Scam – Another Scam Site

Friday, September 18

Whenever new site launched and it gets so many reviews I always give it a try. I joined buxwiz a Scam site like many others; everything was going well in start. Then I starting noticing few things about this site that there contact us page not working. Then I saw just there referral links ads to click, there were no paid ads by the companies and the admin showing that he is a very good guy. After that I said ok it’s a new website let it go for some time, now the times come when I came to know why is it SCAM site. When I reach the payout limit they just simply banned my account without any reason!! . I tried to join the forum and it was banned too, and contact us page already not working. So Buxwiz is confirmed scam website, do not join and do not waste your time on it. As I have wasted by promoting this site on my blog, now it is removed. Owner is from India which is not a rich country unlike other PTC owners, So another one bites the dust. There is one thing you should do before joining PTC websites, make sure there forum, contact us page and there all payment methods are working.


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