Stop Wasting Time On Earning Free Dollars

Friday, November 20

I have decided to make this blog to share my views about online money making, I started this blog to promote the PTC sites which I have joined. But now I am thinking to share things so that people don't waste there valuable time wasting on PTC sites. When I started and joined this idea I was fascinated but when I get into senses I thought How stupid is that to make few cents a day by giving time to PTC websites. Now it is the time for me to move on, I have decided to provide SEO Services which is my expertise. I have made a wordpress blog SEO Tips, SEO Services | Wal SEO Services co. and it is not for purpose of making that much money. So I was saying I was so stupid that I joined these websites ( don't want to offend anyone) but you guys should think how much do you really earn from these PTC websites. Earn free dollars is a hot keyword for people, well there is nothing free in this world. Even now I am earning something but I am working that is earning. These PTC websites making people fool, I would not go against Neobux and Palmbux because they do care for people, rest of them are just total waste of time. I have earlier written article about neobux and palmbux about how to make most out of them. Which is the thing that can really make you some real dollars otherwise if you just want to have fun then, you should give your time to something useful. I will share more ideas how you can make money online and how you can earn free dollars but keep in mind earn free dollars does not mean, you don't have to do anything. Have fun!!


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